Monthly Archives: April 2016

A Visit to Bath

In Michaelmas Term, we went on an expedition to Bristol. As our train passed by Bath, the sun emerged from behind the clouds, and we gasped at the remarkable panorama of the old spa resort that unrolled in front of us. Soon it was settled: this would be the destination for another Ertegun trip. We […]

Tour of the Blavatnik School of Government

The enormous stack of glass and concrete discs newly landed on Walton Street cannot fail to inspire curiosity in the passer-by. I myself had for weeks been wondering, while wandering, what happens (and what it looks like) inside. On 15th February, my curiosity was satisfied, when the Ertegun scholars were taken on a tour of the […]

Tour of Keble College with William Whyte

As part of the tours organised by Ertegun House, a group of scholars visited a rather uncharacteristic example of an Oxford college: Keble College. Our able guide, Professor William Whyte told us that when it was established in the 1870s, the college’s unusual appearance and ideological roots generated a great deal of animosity, not least […]