Monthly Archives: November 2015

Trinity College Chapel Restoration

We are accustomed to seeing art from predetermined positions. As museum visitors, we diligently stand in front of paintings and read the small didactics placed adjacent to them. As worshippers, we contemplate religious imagery in the vaults above from our place on the ground. As visitors in these same spaces, we gaze up at ceilings […]

Händel’s Orlando at the New Theatre

On 4 November a group of Ertegun Scholars went to the performance of Händel’s Orlando, performed by the Welsh National Opera at the New Theatre, Oxford. First performed in 1733 in London, Orlando is recognised today as one of Händel’s finest operas. The libretto, adapted from Ariosto’s 16th-century epic poem Orlando Furioso, tells the powerful […]

Terry Waldo and the Basin Street Brawlers at the Holywell Music Room

The name ‘Oxford’ brings to mind (my mind that is) two general impressions. The first is of a place of highly esteemed educational activity with a predominantly conservative and high-brow perspective, steeped in layers of ritual and tradition. The second is of a place of ‘cutting edge’ intellectual enterprise; a multicultural melting pot in which […]

The Prophetess

On the last day of October, a group of Ertegun Scholars entered the grounds of Keble College and, after marvelling for a few moments at the ubiquitous red brick rarely seen in Oxford, headed to the O’Reilly Theatre to see the matinee performance of Henry Purcell’s The Prophetess. One could think we decided to come because it […]

Narrating Social Change in the Arab World – The Outpost, A Magazine of Possibilities

The Middle East has dominated the news for several years now, the conflicts and overall precariousness that have long characterised it serving as constant fodder for media organisations. This has, expectedly, painted a rather grim picture of life in the region. But the Middle East, while burdened and troubled, is distinguished by much more than […]

Giving What We Can

Giving What We Can: Oxford presents Rob Mather, founder of the Against Malaria Foundation On Monday 2nd November, I was very pleased to host this event at Ertegun House, with my colleagues in the Oxford chapter of ‘Giving What We Can’, the Effective Altruist meta-charity which researches the effectiveness of charities in the improvement of […]

New College Tour

Most new students arrive in Oxford with a set of deeply emotional and intellectual expectations. We want to sit where J.R.R. Tolkien sat, study where Sir Thomas More studied, and wander where T.E. Lawrence wandered.  We come prepared to explore every hidden corner of every library in every college. Yet the reality soon strikes us, as we find […]