Worcester College Tour

Ertegun scholars recently had the opportunity to visit Worcester College (founded in 1714) as part of the Programme’s Michaelmas Term schedule of visits. Fellow of Worcester College, Dr. Conrad Leyser, associate professor of Medieval History, guided scholars through the college grounds, and gave a thorough introduction to the history of the college.

The tour started at the main quad, which accommodates 15th century medieval cottages on the left-wing, and continued with a walk around the vast sports grounds of the college. On the way to the sports grounds, the sun came out to reveal the beauty of the gardens around the lake, which is located in the middle of the college, and the scenery was absolutely magnificent. Towards the end of the outdoors walk, the scholars had the chance to visit a lovely garden of apple and pear trees that are used to produce the college brand apple and pear juice – as Dr. Leyser put it, it makes ideal gifts for aunties!

The Chapel, the Hall and the Library were the last and the most remarkable stops of the tour. The interior of the Chapel, which was completed in 1770 by James Wyatt, then redecorated in 1864 by William Burges, exhibits an alluringly eclectic character. Wyatt also designed the Hall, but its interior was not redecorated in the Victorian period, and has a rather desolate feel. The Library, to which Sir George Clarke left his collection of books and manuscripts, on the other hand, is truly wonderful. Accessed by a beautiful staircase, facing the main quad, this tranquil study space was the highlight of the tour according to most.

– Ezgi Ulusoy Aranyosi


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