Monthly Archives: December 2013

Chinese Masterpieces Exhibition

On December 10th, we travelled to London for the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibit on Chinese art. We’d been helpfully introduced to the exhibit a week earlier by Oxford’s Craig Clunas, Professor of the History of Art, who discussed Chinese paintings and pictures with us at the Ertegun House. The exhibit was impressive, featuring Chinese paintings from 700-1900. I was […]

TWS Experimental Festival

On the afternoon of November 6th, I left an autumnal Oxford for Tokyo. The objective was twofold: to play a series of concerts as part of a resident ensemble at Tokyo Wonder Site and the Noguchi Room at Keio University, and to conduct fieldwork for an MPhil project with media artists performing in and around […]

Oxford University Archives visit

Monday 2 December & Tuesday 3 December 2013 Ertegun Scholars were recently given a special opportunity to peruse some of the rare items held by the archives of the University of Oxford. The colourful and varied history of Oxford is evidenced in many of the documents that find their way into the archives. Scholars were […]

Theology Graduate Seminar

On Saturday 16 November, Ertegun House hosted an all-day graduate seminar for students of modern theology. This termly event gathers together the graduate students of Graham Ward, the Regius Professor of Divinity at Christ Church and Dr Johannes Zachhuber, Reader in Theology at Trinity College. This regular gathering allows students to gain experience presenting long […]

Migration Conference

On 25 November 2013, Ertegun House hosted “Towards New Migration Systems, Patterns and Policies in Eurasia: The Case of Turkey and the Russian Federation”, a one-day workshop that explored trends in migration from Turkey to Russia, and vice versa. The workshop was convened by Ayşem Biriz Karaçay and Frank Duvell, and co-organised by one of […]

Christianity and Atheism

27th November 2013 In an age of pay-per-view theism vs. atheism debates, the complex relationship between theism and atheism in Christianity is in need of articulation. This event, co-sponsored by Ertegun House and the Oxford Graduate Theology Society, had the aim of fostering informed discussion among graduate students. Guest speaker Dr. Johannes Zachhuber outlined how […]